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 8x8, Inc.
 Aavid Thermalloy
 ABB Hafo AB
 ABB Semiconductor
 Acapella, Ltd.
 ACC Microelectronics
 Acculin, Inc.
 Accutek Microcircuit Corporation
 Acer Laboratories, Inc.
 Actel Corporation                                                                                                                                                   
 Adaptec, Inc.
 Advance Data Technology, Inc.
 Advanced Analog
 Advanced Hardware Architectures, Inc.
 Advanced Linear Devices
 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
 Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.
 Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc.
 Advanced Power Technology
 Advanced Semiconductor, Inc.
 Advanced Transdata Corporation
 Aeroflex Circuit Technology
 Agere Systems
 Agilent Technologies, Inc.
 AITech International
 AKM Semiconductor, Inc.
 Aleph International Corporation                                                                                                                       Back to Top
 Alesis Semiconductor
 Allegro Micro Systems, Inc.
 Alliance Semiconductor
 Alpha Industries
 Alpha Semiconductor
 Altera Corporation
 AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits Corp)
 American Arium
 American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation
 American Microsemiconductor, Inc.
 American Microsystems, Inc.
 Anadigics, Inc.
 Analog Devices
 Analog Systems
 Analogic Corporation
 Anchor Chips Incorporated
 Anritsu Company
 Ansaldo Trasporti
 Apex Microtechnology Corporation
 Applied Microsystems Corporation
 Aptek Williams, Inc.
 Aptos Semiconductor Corporation
 Arizona Microtek, Inc.
 Array Microsystems
 Ashling Microsystems Ltd
 Asiliant Technologies
 Aspec Technology, Inc.
 Astec Semiconductor
 AT&T Microelectronics
 Atelic Systems, Inc.
 ATMEL Corporation
 Atmel Grenoble
 Atmel Wireless and Microcontrollers
 Auctor Corporation
 AUK Corporation
 Austin Semiconductor, Inc.
 Austria Mikro Systeme International AG
 AverLogic Technologies, Inc.
 AVG Semiconductors
 Avocet Systems, Inc.
 Beacon Development Tools Back to Top
 Bel Fuse Incorporated
 BethelTronix, Inc.
 Bivar, Inc.
 BKC Semiconductor Incorporated
 Bright Microelectronics, Inc.
 Brilliance Semiconductor Inc.
 Broadcom Corporation
 Brooktree Corporation
 Burr-Brown Corporation
 Butterfly DSP, Inc.
 C & D Technologies Back to Top
 C&D Technologies (NCL)
 C-Cube Microsystems
 California Micro Devices Corporation
 Calmark Corporation
 Calogic Corporation
 Catalyst Semiconductor
 Ceibo, Inc.
 Celeritek, Inc.
 Centennial Technologies
 Centon Electronics, Inc.
 Central Semiconductor Corporation
 Century Microelectronics, Inc.
 Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc.
 Cherry Semiconductor Corporation
 Chicago Miniature Lamp
 Chip Express Corporation
 Chips and Technologies, Inc.
 Cirrus Logic, Inc.
 Citizen Electronics
 Clairex Technologies, Inc.
 Clare Micronix Integrated Sysytems, Inc.
 Clare, Inc.
 Clear Logic
 Cologne Chip AG
 Cologne Chip Designs
 Colorado Microcircuits
 Comcore Semiconductor
 Comlinear Corporation
 Composite Modules, Inc.
 Conexant Systems, Inc.
 Consumer Microcircuits Limited
 Continental Device India Limited
 Conversion Devices, Inc.
 CP Clare Corporation
 Crosslink Semiconductor, Inc.
 Crydom Corporation
 Crystal Semiconductor Corp.
 CSC China Technology HK Ltd.
 Cybernetic Micro Systems
 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
 Cyrix Corporation
 Dallas Semiconductor Back to Top
 DALSA Incorporated
 Data Delay Devices, Inc.
 Data Device Corporation
 Data Display Products
 Datel, Inc.
 Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated
 Dense-Pac Microsystems, Inc.
 Dialight Corporation
 Digital Semiconductor
 Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
 Dii Semiconductor
 Dionics Inc.
 Diotec Electronics Corporation
 DSP Group, Inc.
 E-LAB Digital Engineering, Inc. Back to Top
 ECI Semiconductor
 Edal Industries
 Edge Technology, Inc.
 EG&G IC Sensors
 EG&G Reticon Corporation
 Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.
 Electronic Designs Inc.
 Electronic Devices Inc.
 Electronic Technology Corporation
 Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.
 Eletech Electronics
 EM Microelectronic
 Embedded Performance, Inc.
 Embedded Power Corp.
 Embedded Support Tools Corp.
 Emulation Technology, Inc.
 Enable Semiconductor
 Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc.
 Epic Semiconductor, Inc.
 Epson Electronics America, Inc.
 Ericsson Microelectronics
 ESC Electronics
 ESS Technology, Inc.
 Eupec GmbH & Co KG
 Eurom Ltd.
 Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Exar Corporation
 EXEL Microelectronics, Inc.
 Exponential Technology
 Fagor Electronic Back to Top
 Fairchild Semiconductor
 FCI Semiconductor
 Fil-Coil Corporation
 Flextronics Semiconductor
 Focus Semiconductor
 Fuji Electric Corp. of America
 Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
 G-Link Technology Corporation Back to Top
 Galaxy Power, Inc.
 Galileo Technology
 Galvantech, Inc.
 GateField Corporation
 GEC Plessey Semiconductors
 GEC-Marconi Electronic Systems Corporation
 General Semiconductor
 Genesis Microchip Inc.
 Gennum Corporation
 Germanium Power Devices Corporation
 GET Engineering Corp.
 GlobeSpan, Inc.
 GMT Microelectronics Corporation
 Goal Semiconductor Inc.
 GoldStar Electron America
 Goodark Electronics
 Greenwich Instruments USA
 GSI Technology
 Hamamatsu Photonic Systems Back to Top
 Harris Corporation
 Hewlett Packard Components Division
 Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corporation
 Hind Rectifiers Ltd.
 Hitachi Semiconductor (America), Inc.
 Holt Integrated Circuits, Inc.
 Holtek Microelectronics
 Holtek Semiconductor Inc.
 Honeywell Semiconductors
 Honeywell Solid State Electronics Ctr.
 HotRail Inc.
 HTA Industries Ltd.
 Hualon Microelectronics Corp
 Hughes Aircraft, Solid State Products
 Hughes Aircraft, Solid State Products
 Huntsville Microsystems, Inc.
 HV Component Associates
 Hyundai Electronics America
 IBM Corporation Back to Top
 IC Haus
 IC Sensors, Inc.
 Ideal Semiconductor, Inc.
 ILC Data Device Corporation
 IMP, Inc.
 Impala Linear Corporation
 Industrial Devices, Inc.
 Industry Standard
 Infineon Technologies Corporation
 Information Storage Devices, Inc
 Ingenuus Corporation
 Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.
 Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
 Integrated Information Technology, Inc.
 Integrated Logic Systems Inc.
 Integrated Photomatrix Ltd.
 Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.
 Integrated Technology Express, Inc.
 Integrated Telecom Technology, Inc.
 Intel Corp-Cable Network
 Intel Corporation
 Intellon Corporation
 Interface Technology, Inc.
 InterFET Corporation
 International Microcircuits, Inc.
 International Rectifier Corp.
 International Semiconductor Technologies
 Interpoint Corporation
 Intersil Corporation
 Intronics, Inc.
 IOtech, Inc.
 Isocom Incorporated
 ITC Microcomponents Inc.
 ITT Semiconductor
 IXYS Corporation
 Jen's International (HK) Co. Ltd. Back to Top
 Kawasaki LSI, USA Back to Top
 Kentron Technologies, Inc.
 Kingbright USA Corporation
 Kota Microcircuits, Inc.
 Krueger Company
 L-3 Communication Systems - West Back to Top
 Lambda Advanced Analog
 Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.
 Lanwave Components, Inc.
 Laser 2000 GmbH
 Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
 LeCroy Corporation
 Ledtech Electronics
 Level One
 LG Semicon Company, Ltd.
 Libit Signal Processing
 Ligitek Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Linear Integrated Systems
 Linear Technology Corporation
 Linfinity Microelectronics
 Lintel Security
 Lockhead Martin Commercial Electronics
 Lockheed Martin
 Logic Devices Inc.
 Loral Communication Systems
 LSI Computer Systems, Inc.
 LSI Logic Corporation
 Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group
 Lumex, Inc.
 M-Systems Inc. Back to Top
 M.S. Kennedy Corporation
 M/A-COM, Inc.
 Macronix America, Inc.
 MagePOWER Semiconductor Corporation
 Maker Communications, Inc.
 Marktech Optoelectronics
 Martek Power, Boston
 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
 Matra MHS, Inc.
 Maxim Integrated Products
 Medianix Semiconductor, Inc.
 Melexis, Inc.
 MetaLink Corporation
 Micrel Semiconductor
 Micro Linear
 Micro Networks Company
 Micro Power Systems, Inc.
 Microchip Technology, Inc.
 Microcosm Communications Ltd.
 MicroMetrics, Inc.
 Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc.
 Micronas Intermetall GmbH
 Micropac Industries, Inc.
 Microsemi Corporation
 Microtek International, Inc.
 Mini-Circuits Distribution Center
 Mitel Semiconductor
 Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
 Mixed Signal Integration Corporation
 Mosaic Semiconductor, Inc.
 Mospec Semiconductor Corporation
 Motorola Semiconductor Products
 Motorola Sensor Products Division
 MSIS Semiconductor, Incorporated
 Music Semiconductors, Inc.
 MX-COM, Incorporated
 NanoAmp Solutions, Inc. Back to Top
 Nanoteq (Pty) Ltd
 National Instruments
 National Semiconductor Corporation
 NCM Corporation
 NCR Corporation
 NEC Electronics Inc.
 Netergy Networks, Inc.
 NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
 Newbridge Microsystems
 Newport Components Limited
 Nexcom Technology, Inc.
 NexFlash Technologies, Inc.
 Nippon Steel Semiconductor Corp.
 NJR Corporation
 NMB Technologies
 Nohau Corporation
 NPC America
 NPNX Corporation
 NTE Electronics, Inc.
 NVIDIA Corporation
 Oak Technology, Inc. Back to Top
 Oki Semiconductor
 ON Semiconductor
 OnChip Systems, Inc.
 Optek Technology, Inc.
 OPTi Inc.
 Optical Electronics Inc.
 Optotek Limited
 Orbit Semiconductor, Inc.
 Oshino Lamps Ltd.
 Oxford Micro Devices, Inc.
 Oxford Semiconductor Ltd.
 Pacific Microelectronics Centre Back to Top
 Panasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
 Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Paradigm Technology, Inc.
 PC-TEL, Inc.
 PCA Electronics Inc.
 Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
 Performance Electronic Packaging Services
 Performance Motion Devices, Inc.
 Performance Semiconductor Corp.
 Pericom Semiconductor Corporation
 Philips ECG
 Philips Semiconductors
 Philsar Semiconductor Inc.
 Phylon Inc.
 Plus Logic
 PLX Technology, Inc.
 Polyfet RF Devices
 Power Convertibles Corporation
 Power Integrations, Inc.
 Power Trends
 Powerex, Inc.
 PowerTech, Inc.
 Prorep Technology
 Protek Devices
 Pulse Specialty Components
 Purdy Electronics
 QLogic Corporation Back to Top
 QT Optoelectronics Corporation
 Qualcomm Incorporated
 Quality Semiconductor
 Quantum Effect Design. Inc.
 Quantum Effect Devices
 Quantum Research Group Ltd.
 QuickLogic Corp
 R&E International, Inc Back to Top
 RAD Data Communications, Inc.
 Ramtron Corporation
 Raytheon Company
 Realtek Semiconductor Corporation
 RF Micro Devices
 RFE International, Inc.
 Ricoh Corporation
 RMV Electronics Inc.
 Rochester Electronics Incorporated
 Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
 ROHM Electronics
 S-MOS Systems, Inc. Back to Top
 S3 Incorporated
 Samsung Microwave Semiconductor, Inc.
 Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
 Samtec, Inc.
 Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation
 Scenix Semiconductor Inc.
 Seeq Technology, Incorporated
 Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.
 Semelab Plc
 Semiconductor Technology, Inc.
 Semitron Industries
 Semtech Corporation
 Sensitron Semiconductor
 Sensory, Inc.
 SEP Electronic Corporation
 Seponix Corporation
 SGS-Thomson Microelectronics
 Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas
 Shindengen America, Inc.
 Siemens Microelectronics
 Sierra Semiconductor Corporation
 Signal Processing Technologies
 Signum Systems Corp.
 Silicom Ltd.
 Silicon Composers, Inc.
 Silicon General
 Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation
 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
 Silicon Systems (Communication Products)
 Silicon Systems (Storage Products)
 Siliconix Inc.
 SiliconTech, Inc.
 Simtek Corporation
 Sipex Corporation
 SIS Microelectronics, Inc.
 Soft Device
 Softaid, Inc.
 Solitron Devices, Inc.
 Sony Electronics
 South African Micro-Electronic Systems (Pty) Ltd
 Space Electronics Incorporated
 Space Research Technology, Inc.
 ST Microelectronics - PSM Division
 ST Microelectronics, Inc.
 STAC Electronics
 Standard Microsystems Corporation
 Stanford Telecommunications, Inc.
 Stanley Electric
 Sumitomo Metals/JPA
 Summit Microelectronics, Inc.
 Sun LED Corporation
 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 Sun Opto, Inc.
 Supertex, Inc.
 Surge Components Inc.
 Sussex Semiconductor, Inc.
 Symbios Logic
 Synergy Semiconductor
 Syntaq Technology Inc.
 Systronix. Inc.
 Taitron Components Incorporated Back to Top
 TDK Semiconductor Corp.
 Teccor Electronics
 Technitrol Pulse Components Division
 TelCom Semiconductor
 Telefunken Semiconductors
 Teltone Corporation
 Temic Semiconductors
 Texas Instruments Storage Products Group
 Texas Instruments, Inc.
 Thaler Corp
 THAT Corporation
 The Western Design Center, Inc.
 Thermalloy, Inc.
 Thesys Gesellschaft fur Mikroelektronik mbH
 Third Domain, Inc.
 Thomson Components and Tubes - TCS Division
 TI Cable Broadband Communications Group
 TLSI Incorporated
 Toko America Incorporated
 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
 TranSwitch Corporation
 Trident Microsystems Incorporated
 TriQuint Semiconductor
 TriTech Microelectronics
 Tseng Labs, Inc.
 Tsqware, Inc.
 Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
 Turbo IC, Inc.
 Ubicom Back to Top
 Unisys Corporation
 United Microelectronics Corporation
 Unitrode Integrated Circuits Corp.
 Universal Semiconductor Inc.
 USAR Systems, Inc.
 UTMC Microelectronic Systems Inc
 V3 Semiconductor Back to Top
 Vantis Corporation
 Vasco Data Security NV/SA
 Vetra Systems Corporation
 VIA Technologies, Inc.
 Vincenc Home Development
 Vishay Intertechnology
 Vishay Lite-On, Inc.
 Vishay Siliconix
 Vishay Telefunken
 Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.
 VLSI Technology Inc.
 Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
 Vortex Incorporated
 VTC, Inc.
 Waferscale Integration Inc. Back to Top
 Watkins-Johnson Company
 Western Digital Corporation
 White Electronic Designs Corporation
 Winbond Electronics Corp America
 WJ Communications, Inc.
 Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd.
 Wustlich Holding GmbH
 Xecom, Inc. Back to Top
 Xemics SA
 Xicor, Inc.
 Xilinx Corp.
 Yamaha Systems Tech Inc Back to Top
 Zaxtek, Inc. Back to Top
 Zetex Inc.
 Zilog, Inc.
 Zoran Corporation
 ZSP Corporation