Activities AUGUST 1997 - AUGUST 1999

1.   Playground created, Aug. 1997
2.   Landscaping  near the two water fountains in Khantakas, Aug 1997
3.   Improvement of  a village square near Mouries, Aug-Dec 1997
4.   Established Aluminum recycling  program, Sep. 1997
5.   Creation of new
basketball/volleyball court. The nearby hillside was landscaped into seating for       future events (theatrical performances, concerts, etc). May 1999
6.   Internet presence for the association established, with a home page and email address. Mar. 1999
7.   Public Library (for archives and borrowing) founded, Apr. 1999
8.   Landscaping of the area behind the
Platanos in the village common, May 1999
9.   Landscaping in front of the central water fountain (Ftialina)
10.  Ftialina cleaned by sandblasting, Jun 1999
11.  Posters of Arna published and circulated, Jun 1999
12.  Video Library (for movies and documentaries) established, Jun 1999
13.  Basket tournament held in court, Jun 1999
14.  Begun construction on new open area for parking, Spring 1999
15.  Lot purchased for this purpose, Spring 1999
16.  Circulation of promotional T-Shirts, with designs from the Arna landscape, and the associations logo, Jun 1999
17.  Created theatrical stage, Jul 1999
18.  Mayday celebration in Arna, with traditional foods and orchestra, May 1999
19.  Film projections in village common
20.  Retaining wall in main road re-enforced with local stone, in a traditional design, Jul 1999.
21.  Application submitted for participation in E.U. Leader II Program (Section 0.6, Par 13), Jul 1999
22.  Established youth area with a computer, Jun 1999
23.  Partnership established with the Sparta Central Public Library, Summer 1999
24.  Partnership established with the Sainopoulos Foundation of Sparta, Summer 1999
25.  Annual publication of the Village Calendar
26.  Annual celebrations of Christmas and Easter

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