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Most of this collection of articles was written by me in the period between 1956 and 1965, and was published in the magazine Political Research: Organization and Design (P.R.O.D.), which was renamed later The American Behavioral Scientist, so as to recognize its broader scope. They were gathered together in 1970 and used in the teaching of his courses in social invention, political psychology, and political and cultural behavior. The articles are in some cases finished and polished, in other cases inspired notes. With the advent of computer word processing came the possibility of publishing them on a floppy disk, then on a CD-Rom. Too, they could be published on the internet, and, here now, four years after the inauguration of the site they are made available on the web. The date, May 20, 2001, marks also the 28th year from the Author's first computerized information retrieval system, possibly the first in the social sciences, an article about which is included in this collection.

The Science and Value of Administration gives a general theory of bureaucracy, first viewed as pure science and then as applied science. Power, wealth and prestige are the principal goods exchanged among the sponsors, participants, and clientele of all organizations.

Enhanced and updated version of the Grazian Archives ART-COLONY

Ronald’s Norm was written by Alfred de Grazia in the early 1970's. It is published here on the Web for the first time. It is set in Greenwich Village and follows the career of a young man convinced that the way to the Great American Novel is by the employment of the largest number of clichés, because the great people has honed them to perfection and knows them all...

Discovering National Elites:
Three prominent behavioral scientists tell how to discover and identify elite leaders, their groups, and different sectors of influence in world nations and localities. For propaganda, advertising, public relations, global business, military intelligence, and diplomacy, a simple methodology is prescribed. Prepared for U.S. State Department.

Traduit en français, le Chapitre 13 du livre d'Alfred de Grazia "The Taste of War."

Death of Sebastian: A Eulogy by a Brother.

BLACKOUT: A novel about a black Professor's imagined experiences and the conduct of New Yorkers in a crisis.

KALOS: What is to be Done with Our World ?
The WHOLE Book is online NOW !

NEW enhanced version of the 1000 love letters of Jill and Al

METROPOLIS: How to build a new kind of city...

The FALL collections of the Grazian-archive, enlarged and enhanced:
Help yourself among over a hundred poems of Alfred de Grazia newly published on the site.

Prepare yourself with 1001 questions for every conceivable issue in a discussion of ART AND CULTURE

Utopia: The Swiss American radically experimental university of 1970-72.

Reconstructing American History, 1400 - 2000 A.D.;

Political Science for Better or Worse,
the best introduction to political science anywhere since Aristotle's Politics

Pesticides, mass death, and global corporatism: Al de Grazia on
'the Cloud over Bhopal' India 1985.

Amazon’s Choice: Ami de Grazia’s autobiography of a preventive mastectomy.

Stockholmcoming 2000: Alfred de Grazia’s design for a millennial festival.

Chris de Grazia’s Seattle Hillpeople Rap Band,just released, "My Old Friend."

Three newly added books of Alfred de Grazia: The Student; The Babe, and The End of Spydom. 
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