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The Society was founded in Paris of France in 1986.
The Founding President and the Members were :
C. Cabrol, France (President).
M. Abbate, - Italy, J. Acar - France, A.M. Aloui - Marocco,D. Athanasiades - Creece, H.E. Attia - Egypt, m. Ben Ismail - Tunisia, M. Benomar - Marocco, V. Dor - Monaco, H. El Fiky - Egypt, E. El Sayed - Egypt, M. Feghoul - Algeria, M. Fourati - Tunisia, G. Giuffrida - Italy, L. Grosgogeat - France, F. Leca - France, M. Levy - Israel, S. Nedeljkovic - Yugoslavia, A. Oto - Turkey, C. Rabago - Spain, N. Radovanovic - Yugoslavia, P. Toutouzas - Greece, B. A. (Members).



a. Founding President : C. Cabrol, France
b. Non elected : Past President : The one who organized the last Congress in his  country.
                   President : The one who organizes the Congress in his country.
                    President Elected : The one who will organize the next Congress in his country.
c. Elected : 3 year term
                General Secretary
                Dep. General Secretary
                Counsillors : 3 Members
d. Delegates : each country is represented by a Cardiologist and a Cardiac      Surgeon in the Society.
In the elections right of vote have the members of the Council and the two Delegates of each country.
e. Members : can be doctors from the countries but also from other countries, if they fill in the Aplication Form and Pay the Annual Fees which are 30 $.
At this moment the structure of the Society is :
C. Cabrol   France    President - The Founder
G. Elias                        Lebanon  Past President
F. Leca   France  President
S. Kabani    Syria  President - Elect
A.J. Manolis   Greece   General Secretary
J. Cikos   Yugoslavia    Dep. General Secretary
G. Kaoutzianis  Cyprus  Treasurer
N. Angelides   Cyprus  Councillor
B. Vidne   Israel  Councillor
N. Radovanovic  Yugoslavia  Councillor

Official ang working languages are English and French.
Staff Members :
One Secretary : Part time.
The incomes of the Society come from the Member Fees and a percentage of the Annual Meeting gives the Organizer Society.
Among the activities of the Society are the organization of o Congress in one of the Meditteranean countries.
During a Congress there are Lectures, Seminars, Round Tables, Sattellite Meetings, Exhibition etc.
The abstracts are published in Abstract Book or in Supplement of the National magazine of the Organizer Country.
Congresses which have been carried out or which are being planned :
 Year City Country President

1st 1987 Dubrovnic Yugoslavia Radovanovic
 2nd 1988 Catania Italy Abbate
3rd 1989 Mallorka Spain Rabago
 4th 1990 Antalya Turkey Oto
 5th 1991 Alexandria Egypt El Fiky
 6th 1993 Corfu Greece Toutouzas
 7th 1994 Hammamet Tunissia Fouratti
 8th 1995 Limassol Cyprus Angelides
 9th 1996 Tel Aviv Israel Vidne
10th 1997 Beirut Lebannon Elias
11th 1998 Montpellier France Leca
12th 1999  Syria Kabbani
13th 2000 Marakesh Marocco Benomar
14th 2001 Tripoli Libya



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