Thessaloniki Aero-Club, the oldest (since 1929) and biggest (780 members) in Greece, is located 15 km south of Thessaloniki, the second city in Greece (popul.1,5 mil.). It is a non profit, private association, whose aime is to increase aviation culture, train Private Pilots and offer to it's members the joy of flying.
Hangars and Facilities can be found in "MAKEDONIA" airport.

General Aviation(PPL/IFR training),Skydiving,Paragliding and Hanggliding.
We have eight Cessna’s 152(2),172(3),182(2) and 206(1) for training (PPL-IFR), renting and skydiving.

Pilots from all over Europe can fly our planes ,by becoming members of our Club.
Annual fees :144 Euro. Price per hour wet: C152:110 Euro, C-172:130-145 Euro, C-182:165-180 Euro, C-206:195 Euro.
Prices on Jan 2002-taxes included.
Also required a certificate of no former criminal record.

For more information call +310-473747 & +310-985164, FAX +310-471377