by Apostolos Evangelopoulos

The night sky, however inspiring it may be, hides its splendid treasures from the unaided human eye. The telescope, this time machine,  acting as an extension of our eyes uncovers all the celestial wonders which remained silent for thousands of years waiting for intelligent minds to wonder about them.

 This site contains astronomy related material as well as greek landscape photos.

Below is a brief description for each page you can visit by clicking on a button at left.
In the "Astrophotos"  page you can see photographs of celestial objects which I have taken through a Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope or a single SLR camera.
In the "Landscapes"  page there are photographs of greek nature, monuments, cities and villages.
The "Software"  page will give you the opportunity to download astronomy programs that I have built using the BASIC programming language.
In the "Sky Calendar"  page you can find out about astronomical events of the current month in an interactive way.
"The Sun"  page has as a subject the atmosphere of our star with photos and descriptions of the most important features of its three layers.                                                                                                                                                            Finally, in the "CCD Moon"  page you can see my first attempts at high resolution Moon photography using a simple web-cam.
I have also included a page with links to various sites which I consider to be useful  for the astronomer or astrophotographer.
Please feel free to send me any comments about the site and its contents to the email address at the bottom of this page.


Moon with trees

The waxing moon with trees  and flowers in the foreground


A rainbow with its faint twin over a hill



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All photos and animation by the author


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