The following list contains links to astronomy related web sites either amateur or professional. The list is collapsible. Click on an item of the  list if you want to display its contents.


Amateur Astronomers

Stellar Scenes Home Page From Japan

Chris Vedeler's Astrophotography Gallery

Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss

Astrophoto Menu Page

Astronomical Imaging by Brad Wallis and Robert Provin

ASTROCRUISE - Astrophotography by Philip Perkins

Astro Photography Chris Cook

Ann Dittmer's Lunar Photography

Robert Reeves Schmidt Camera Astrophotography

Jeff Bondono's Home Page

Larry's Deep-Sky Sketches

Planetary Nebulae Observer's Home Page

The Bell Observatory

Doc G's Info Site

Richard Berry's World Wide Web Site 

Darrens Deep Sky Sketches 

Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD Imaging 

Astro Imaging by Russ Dickman 

Astrophotography by Bob and Janice Fera 

Dave's Astronomy Magazine

High Resolution CCD Imaging 

Mike's Links To Free and Useful Programs 

Chuck's Astronomy Page

Bob Yen's WAY OUT Photography 

Space Observatories

Hubble Space Telescope

Cosmic Background Explorer

Chandra X-Ray Observatory  

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)  

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO)  

Space Agencies

European Space Agency (ESA)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center   

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kennedy Space Center

Interplanetary Missions


Mars Global Surveyor

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous

Voyager I, II

Pluto Express


Astronomical Magazines & Journals

Sky & Telescope

Astronomy Magazine

The Astronomer

Observatory Techniques Magazine



Astronomy Now

ATM Journal

The Astrograph

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Sterne und Weltraum

Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Astronomical Journal

Professional Telescopes

Palomar Observatory

European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Big Bear Solar Observatory

Gemini Telescopes

Anglo-Australian Observatory

Royal Greenwich Observatory
Mt. Wilson Observatory
National Optical Astronomical Observatories

Amateur Research Associations

Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

American Association of Variable Star Observers

International Meteor Organization

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

International Occultation Timing Association

The British Astronomical Association


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